Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Few Pictures

Here are a few pictures of our recent days...

Ahhh, baby love...

Eleanora woke from her nap yesterday and insisted on going to "bed" but not in her crib.  She wanted a pillow, "blankie", her baby and lambie (all night time essentials) tucked in with her on the floor of her room.  She then requested some milk and grapes in her cozy nest.  Here is a picture of the silly girl showing me her yummy snack.

Samuel continues to grow well, although nursing is still a challenge.  Thank goodness for the help of our Moms!  Ben's Mom was here last week, and mine is here this week.  We are so blessed by the help with Eleanora, the house, and all the craziness of life with two kids under two!


Anonymous said...

Yay for more pictures!! :) Glad to hear that Samuel is doing well and that Eleanora is bringing her usual JOY to those around her! Love, Kami

Anonymous said...

Tell Lady-E to smash up a few of the grapes in the milk. If she's anything at all (anc actually, lets hope not..) like her Great Uncle Bob, she'll love it and call it "Mookie Juice" as I did. It was the only way Grandma and Poppy could get me to drink milk when I was a mere peanut in the great seed pod of life..

Loverly Pics~~!