Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Small Setback

Today while sleeping blissfully in my arms, Samuel had an episode of bradycardia. Unfortunately, this means the spell count will start over, with tomorrow being day 1. Boo. We were hoping this weekend might be his homecoming party, but I guess Samuel had other plans.

On a lighter note, we've been trying to prepare Eleanora for Samuel's arrival as much as possible. Last night, we had the following conversation...

Me: Eleanora, who is Baby Sammy?
E: Baby Sa-ee? Baby Sa-ee!!!
Me: Is he your baby brother?
E: Baby broder! (points to her stomach) Baby broder!
Me: That's right, baby brother was in my tummy but soon he'll be coming to live in our house. Do you want a baby to live in our house?
E: Ummmm...yeah.
Me: What do babies do?
E: (in a high-pitched voice while rubbing eyes) Waaa, waaa. Baby cay-ing.
Me: Yes, babies cry sometimes. We'll have to take care of baby Sammy when he's crying. Do you want to be the big sister?
E: Yeah!! (thoughtful look) Where Na-na Leo (Natalie and Liam) go?

Thus ended our big sister conversation. I'm certain there will never be a dull moment with two under two in the house and I can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

Two under two is the best!! :) Crazy, but WONDERFUL! Can't wait for Samuel's homecoming!