Friday, June 19, 2009

Miss Sensitivity

Last night we had dinner at the home of friends who have a daughter, Aria, just 5 months older than Eleanora. Eleanora loves to watch Aria run around and is thrilled anytime she comes near (even if it's to point out/in Eleanora's eyes). Towards the end of our "early bird special" evening, both girls were getting a bit tired and ready for bed. Every time Aria started to cry, Eleanora would bury her head in my shoulder and muster up giant crocodile tears out of sympathy. I guess she's destined to follow in her Mama and Gigi's footsteps and cry over cheesy commercials, silly movies, DWTS (that's all Gigi!), NPR stories...just about anything.

Our Ella Bella has also been showing her independent streak lately. She decided yesterday it would be must more fun to feed herself avocado rather than have it fed to her. She (and Charlie) had a marvelous time. She finished off her meal with a little dessert, as she does most days. Doesn't everyone call asparagus a lolli-pop?!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

8 Months Old

Eleanora turned 8 months old yesterday - I can't believe it! Below are a few pictures taken by our generous and talented friend Lis.

Eleanora is still toothless and not really crawling, although she has been found in some amazing positions in her crib in the morning. She's definitely mobile, and even scooted in reverse a bit the other day, but her main mode of transportation is rolling. She loves blowing raspberries (especially with a mouthful of food), singing, talking, and flapping her arms and legs when excited.

Happy eight month birthday, Eleanora!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Showering with Love

My sweet, generous, and absolutely glowing friend, Erin, is expecting a sure-to-be adorable wee one next month. I had so much fun throwing a "Bedtime" themed shower for her last weekend!

It all started with these delightful invites crafted by my stationary guru, Kirstin. Her etsy shop is a glorious combination of funky style and elegance. Warning: once you see her crafty goodness, you will never be satisfied with store-bought cards again!

The invites requested everyone bring a favorite children's book to add to Baby Girl's library. I love the idea of books as gifts for babies - they last forever, reading is such a special snuggly time with baby, and they will offer this sure-to-be-brilliant baby (Mama has her PhD, Dad is working on his) an intellectual activity.

The bedtime theme was Kirstin's inspired suggestion (seriously, this girl is crazy creative) and I loved it! From there, all the little details just came together...

Tables made up like beds (idea from Hostess with the Mostess):

Pictures of sleeping babies everywhere:

Stars cut from various textures, shades and patterns attached to lovely ribbon (idea from the always-fabulous Lindsay):

Bedtime-inspired food:

The menu included:

"Heavenly" Hot Cocoa bar with toasted hazelnuts, shaved chocolate and marshmallows
"Over the Moon" Cake with Truffle and Baileys filling
Celestial Fruit Salad
"Starry-eyed" Shortbread Cookies with cream cheese frosting
"Sleep-inducing" Skim Milk
"Bedtime Made Better" Baileys

I had way too much fun planning for and dreaming about this shower. I cannot wait for the arrival of this little sweet girl (and bff to Eleanora)!

Monday, June 8, 2009

A Walk in the Park

After a busy and super fun weekend throwing a shower (pictures to come) for my sweet friend, Erin, we declared Sunday "relax day" and headed to the park. We enjoyed the cool temps (below 90 - yay!), nice breeze, green grass, beautiful view of the mountains, and time together.

Eleanora wasn't such a big fan of the swings...

...but she loved-loved-loved watching the swarms of kids climbing the jungle gym, hitting a pinata, and having water fights.

After all that excitement, she was one tuckered girl!

A few recent pictures I can't resist sharing...

Enjoying early morning time with Ben and Charlie on the porch

Guess who is pulling herself up all on her own?

Silly baby, happy Mama

A few other new things little Elle is up to these days:
- Kissing (a.k.a. headbutting) the pictures of fish in her new favorite book (must be related to UB!)
- "Singing" along with her bedtime song with a soft, sweet little "aaaaa"
- Saying "Mama" all the time. Yes, the books say it's too early for her to know what it means, but it's still music to my ears!