Monday, June 15, 2009

Showering with Love

My sweet, generous, and absolutely glowing friend, Erin, is expecting a sure-to-be adorable wee one next month. I had so much fun throwing a "Bedtime" themed shower for her last weekend!

It all started with these delightful invites crafted by my stationary guru, Kirstin. Her etsy shop is a glorious combination of funky style and elegance. Warning: once you see her crafty goodness, you will never be satisfied with store-bought cards again!

The invites requested everyone bring a favorite children's book to add to Baby Girl's library. I love the idea of books as gifts for babies - they last forever, reading is such a special snuggly time with baby, and they will offer this sure-to-be-brilliant baby (Mama has her PhD, Dad is working on his) an intellectual activity.

The bedtime theme was Kirstin's inspired suggestion (seriously, this girl is crazy creative) and I loved it! From there, all the little details just came together...

Tables made up like beds (idea from Hostess with the Mostess):

Pictures of sleeping babies everywhere:

Stars cut from various textures, shades and patterns attached to lovely ribbon (idea from the always-fabulous Lindsay):

Bedtime-inspired food:

The menu included:

"Heavenly" Hot Cocoa bar with toasted hazelnuts, shaved chocolate and marshmallows
"Over the Moon" Cake with Truffle and Baileys filling
Celestial Fruit Salad
"Starry-eyed" Shortbread Cookies with cream cheese frosting
"Sleep-inducing" Skim Milk
"Bedtime Made Better" Baileys

I had way too much fun planning for and dreaming about this shower. I cannot wait for the arrival of this little sweet girl (and bff to Eleanora)!


kirstin said...

Kara, this is so gorgeous, I can't even stand it!!! And you gave me way too much credit- look what you pulled off, crafty friend! You certainly have a knack for entertaining!!!

Erin said...

This was such a beautiful and amazing shower, and there is no way I can thank you enough!!