Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Three.  My beautiful round-faced baby with dark hair has become a willowy, long-haired, blonde little girl.  

She's a handful, this one.

For months she's been telling anyone who mentions the words two or three,

I two, but I'll be three on my next birfday.

I may be the Momma, but she is teaching me something new everyday... hug is big enough (bigger and bigger!), no kiss is loud enough (bigger and bigger!) and no snuggle is long enough (just one more snuggle, but noooo singing)

...imaginary friends deserve birthday parties too

...magic eraser removes permanent marker from stainless steel appliances (thank you, Lord) more book is always a good idea

...dancing and spinning are mandatory

...every morning is a reason to celebrate

...Daddy is so fun, he shouldn't need a bathroom break

...putting shoes on is an art that cannot be rushed, especially when we are running late

...mustaches are cool (Liam, I like your mustache. I wish I had a mustache.)

...singing is very important, knowing the words is not

...I am so, so blessed

Happy belated birthday, sweet girl!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

PJs in Public

Little Red Riding Hood, the Wolf, Granny, and the Woodsman

It was my first attempt to make costumes for the Littles and pull off a costume theme for the family.

Let's look past the wolf's wonky ears, crooked nose, and eye falling off.

Let's pretend I wasn't one of the few mothers dressed up at the school Harvest party, and certainly the only not dressed up as a beautiful fairy/beautiful witch/beautiful woodland creature.

Let's forget that I was on the receiving end of some strange looks (I don't think people could figure out what I was), and comments such as "you look tired" (as in so tired I forgot to get dressed??), and "you are brave" (really, really, not).

The kids were adorable, Ben rocked the woodsman outfit, and I spent an entire evening in public dressed in an oversized nightgown, robe, and slippers.  

I bet I was a whole lot more comfortable than those beautiful fairies.