Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day!

Regardless of how you feel about President Obama's policies, today was undoubtedly a huge step forward for racial equality in America. It makes me very proud to be an American!

I spent most of the day to soaking in the momentous occasion. Thanks to Erin, Eleanora was dressed appropriately for the day's events!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Year!

It's been a busy time in the Hoffman Household. We're adjusting to life at home after a glorious visit to PA for the holidays. After a very smooth flight, the first order of business was the baptism of Eleanora on 12/21. She was an angel for the service and even let out a little yawn as the water was trickled on her head. We were blessed to have her baptized at the wonderful, sweet little church my grandparents helped to found. As a part of the service, a funeral pall was dedicated in Poppy's honor. The entire sermon was about Poppy and Eleanora. It so beautiful and we are thrilled that Poppy's memory was a significant part of this special event.

Eleanora's first Christmas was wonderful. She even gave us a wonderful gift - sleeping for 8 hours straight on Christmas Eve! It was a wonderful time with the Gibson/Petri clan with lots of 1st time meetings...loving great Aunts and Uncles, great-grandparents, and Uncle Joel! Our long-standing traditions continued to be tweaked and adjusted to include our little bundle of joy and fun!

Natalie getting tips on the accordion from Aunt Michelle - our family expert!

Our time with the Hoffman/Benton clan was also wonderful. We spent lots of time at Grandma Eleanor's house where Eleanora got to meet Aunt Erin, Aunt Kay and cousins Mark and Laura. It was great to spend time with family!

Eleanora also got to meet some new friends in both Pittsburgh and Erie. She hung out with Isabelle, Georgia, Keegan (who has made us seriously consider arranged marriage for our girl!), and her newest cousin Avery.
Ella also had several "firsts" during our time at home. She rolled over at Mena's twice and once at Grandma B's. She also found her voice! She had been cooing occasionally before, but now is singing/talking all the time! We love to hear her sweet little noises along with her happy, drooly smile!

We miss our family and friends so much already - the time really did fly by! The only consolation is we are enjoying the warmer weather in Tucson. Eleanora wasn't such a big fan of her snowsuit!