Thursday, April 17, 2008

The New Beginnings of Spring...

Spring is a time of renewal, beginnings and life. It’s only right that in this season we formally announce our exciting news…we are adding to our little family. “Baby Hoffman” will make his/her debut in October and we are thrilled!

We’ve loved telling friends and family and experiencing their squeals, screams, tears and dances (UB’s dance of joy takes the cake) of excitement. It’s comforting to have so much love and support as we head into the scary unknown of parenthood. And now that I am finally starting to keep everything I eat down (9 days and counting!), we’ve been able to focus on all the fun and excitement that exists beyond ginger ale and saltines.

The past few months have required a lot of adjusting; adjusting our plans, adjusting our lifestyle, adjusting our expectations, and adjusting to loss. Although it breaks our hearts that Poppy will never meet his great-grandchild, we find comfort in the fact this new life continues his beautiful legacy. (Natalie wrote a beautiful tribute here that captures him perfectly).

And so, we press on. We keep working, studying, playing, saving and planning realizing much of what lies ahead cannot be planned for. We are learning to rest in the peace of knowing God's timing is perfect and just enjoy the ride.