Friday, April 24, 2009

Feeding Frenzy

Eleanora got her first taste of solid food this week and loved it. She practically jumped out of her seat to get more. It was a little sad for me to admit my baby is growing up, but seeing the sheer joy on her face from food (she must be related to my family!) made it totally worth it.

Eleanora was also sporting this timely shirt in honor of April 15th (thanks, Brianne!).

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

6 Months Old!

Checking out her own sippy cup for the 1st time

She loves to "help" me make the bed!

Today our little peanut is six months old! She has had a very busy and exciting few weeks with a fabulous visit from Aunt Natalie who was here for eight glorious days. It was pure bliss to spend time hiking, baking, exploring, cuddling, and of course, dancing around the house in our pjs.

Adding to the fun was a brief but wonderful visit from UB and AJ. Uncle Bob (UB) brilliantly packed the famous popcorn popper in his carryon to add to the magic, and as always it did not disappoint!

Eleanora also celebrated her first Easter. She especially had fun checking out her basket from Erin and John...I mean the Easter Bunny.

Eleanora's favorite pastimes at six months include grabbing, pulling and kissing (ok, more like drooling on) our faces, giggling at Charlie playing fetch, pulling herself up to standing while holding our fingers, and having a chat in her crib with her favorite stuffed animal before drifting off to sleep.