Friday, December 7, 2012

How a Preschool Craft Restored My Sanity

The post Thanksgiving blues have left me feeling stuffed like a turkey.

And not just physically, but emotionally and creatively.  I fill myself with so many good things, food, literature, blogs, Pinterest pins, Facebook and they all taste lovely on the way in.  But afterwards I feel sluggish, lazy, and gluttonous.  I have the nagging thought that I am consuming but not creating.  I am out of balance, out of whack.  The truth is I'm not so good at follow-through.  Moderation is not my strong suit.  The fear of failure keeps me forever in the planning stage.  I get stuck.

And then my sanity was restored in the most unexpected way.  A gifted birthday craft tucked away for a rainy day was discovered by eager little hands.  After a mighty tornado of glitter whipped through our kitchen, landing on everything in sight, a completed project sat before us.  Eleanora beamed with pride and so did I.  I was reminded how good it feels to use my mind and hands to create, not just devour.  To contribute and not only consume.

I am inspired to unearth my knitting basket from the attic, try my hand at that modern cross stitch pattern, make a few more homemade gifts this year, and maybe even show some love to this poor neglected blog of mine.  And if I am in need of further inspiration, all I need to do is peer closely at Ben's beard for the stubborn traces of glitter still plaguing him a week post-tornado.  The joy that brings me is enough to make me want to roll my sleeves up and dig in all over again.