Monday, December 14, 2009

Slow and Steady

We are s-l-o-w-l-y recovering from our long bout with illness here in the Hoffman House. We're definitely not 100%, but we are making progress. Feeling better but still being stuck in the house motivated me to clean out the fridge. Eleanora was more than happy to jump in and help.

We did venture out (YAY!) to see the Zoo lights with the Campbells, while keeping a careful 6 foot germ-perimeter at all times. We thought the fresh air would be good for our patient and would minimize the chances of passing this nasty bug on to anyone. Eleanora was mesmerized by the lights and people but was sad to not be able to hug, kiss, or even breathe on her girlfriend Katherine.

After all the excitement, she conked out on the drive home and slept through the walk to the house, removal of her coat, administrating of medicine, and placement in bed.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Our Pathetic Patient

It's been a rough week here in the Hoffman household. Eleanora came down with a nasty cold/fever Saturday night which she graciously decided to share with me. We both have been feeling lousy and mopey. Ben's been amazingly patient with both of us, and has been healthy so far. Our bout of cabin fever (6 days without setting foot outside) was broken today with a trip to the pediatrician's office where Eleanora was diagnosed with double ear infections. We're hoping the antibiotics kick in soon so we can get back to our daily routine of walks, dance parties, playing and fun.

Here are some pictures of happier times early last week. We had a wonderful couple of days hanging out with Ellie Wahlman, the sweetest little 3 month old around while her parents, Katie and John (who we were also very excited to see!), were in town for business. Eleanora loved-loved-loved Ellie the first day we had her and wanted to kiss, feed, dress (hat and socks), and pat the baby. The second day jealousy occasionally reared its ugly head. There were a couple times (with book in hand) Eleanora tried to either push Ellie off of my lap or sit directly on her to get into our normal reading position. Sweet Ellie is a doll and just watched Eleanora's every move. I think they're destined to be friends for life!

"Waving 'Hi' to Ellie"

Playing peek-a-boo with Ellie

Giving Baby Ellie a Kiss

"Helping" me feed Ellie

We also had a great trip to the local playground where we had the jungle gym all to ourselves. Eleanora loved being king of the castle!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I've spent the majority of the day sitting in front of a fire, cuddling a feverish baby, looking at the Christmas tree and sipping hot cocoa. Our pathetic little patient has not been up for anything other than lots of rocking, reading, and snuggling.

Between the nose-wiping, Tylenol-administering, and pj-wearing, I finally have a few moments to post some pictures from Natalie's super fun visit to Tucson over Thanksgiving. The weekend started off with a trip to Ikea where Auntie Natty got right to work spoiling Eleanora with a giant kangaroo which she clutched the entire trip home from Phoenix.

Thanks to Lindsay's amazing cinnamon roll recipe, we started Thanksgiving with caramel goodness and the Macy's day parade (which we have decided should never be watched in its entirety!).

We had an amazing Thanksgiving feast with turkey grilled by Ben's Uncle Rich, delicious pies baked by Aunt Sissy and Mimi, and southern sweet potato casserole made by Natalie and Liam. Eleanora loved the turkey and corn pudding and despite a chin scrape and split lip from the coffee table had a wonderful time.

The rest of Natalie's visit was spent decorating the Christmas tree, enjoying roaring fires courtesy of Liam's survival skills, and lots (and lots!) of eating. Ben and I even enjoyed a date night while Natalie and Liam graciously babysat. We came home to a sparkling clean house and cocktails! I agree with my friend Kirstin, I think cleaning is my love language.

It was a marvelous holiday with only a few weeks until we're reunited at Christmas. I can't wait!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Walk to the Park

The highlight of my weekend was a wonderful walk to the park with Ben and Eleanora. We tried the swings, but Eleanora was much more interested in exploring the grass (a precious commodity in the desert!), watching the other kids and playing with Ben and Charlie.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fun on the Phone

Eleanora has added a few words to her repertoire. She says "yeah", "awwdone" (all done), and has been signing "more" all the time. As soon as I finish reading her favorite books, she signs "more" to hear them again. So sweet!

"Talking" on the phone

A very messy kiss (and so worth it!)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Because clothes are totally overrated...

Now where does my head go?

I give up!

I may not be able to dress myself, but I'm still soooooo big!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Little Piggy in Pigtails

Even though Eleanora has recovered from her stomach bug, her appetite is still not what it used to be. This means we've had to become creative to get her to eat. We've tried feeding her outside, giving her control of the spoon (our walls will never be the same!), singing, dancing, and all kinds of entertainment. Our most successful method to date is feeding her in the bathtub. Clean up is certainly easier and she enjoys splashing her way through a meal.

In lieu of food, Eleanora has taken to carrying toys in her mouth, Charlie-style. Her favorite is a Lego man. She plays with other toys for hours while the little guy is hanging out of her mouth.

Lego people are never safe from Ellazilla!

Another recent first is an attempt at pigtails for our little sweetheart. There's not a ton of hair to style, but we made it work. Thanks to Mom for the inspiration!