Sunday, December 6, 2009


I've spent the majority of the day sitting in front of a fire, cuddling a feverish baby, looking at the Christmas tree and sipping hot cocoa. Our pathetic little patient has not been up for anything other than lots of rocking, reading, and snuggling.

Between the nose-wiping, Tylenol-administering, and pj-wearing, I finally have a few moments to post some pictures from Natalie's super fun visit to Tucson over Thanksgiving. The weekend started off with a trip to Ikea where Auntie Natty got right to work spoiling Eleanora with a giant kangaroo which she clutched the entire trip home from Phoenix.

Thanks to Lindsay's amazing cinnamon roll recipe, we started Thanksgiving with caramel goodness and the Macy's day parade (which we have decided should never be watched in its entirety!).

We had an amazing Thanksgiving feast with turkey grilled by Ben's Uncle Rich, delicious pies baked by Aunt Sissy and Mimi, and southern sweet potato casserole made by Natalie and Liam. Eleanora loved the turkey and corn pudding and despite a chin scrape and split lip from the coffee table had a wonderful time.

The rest of Natalie's visit was spent decorating the Christmas tree, enjoying roaring fires courtesy of Liam's survival skills, and lots (and lots!) of eating. Ben and I even enjoyed a date night while Natalie and Liam graciously babysat. We came home to a sparkling clean house and cocktails! I agree with my friend Kirstin, I think cleaning is my love language.

It was a marvelous holiday with only a few weeks until we're reunited at Christmas. I can't wait!

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kirstin said...

haha, you make me laugh!

it's brilliant, right? the surprise cleaning? lovely!

love the pictures... your little one is too cute! :)