Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Little Piggy in Pigtails

Even though Eleanora has recovered from her stomach bug, her appetite is still not what it used to be. This means we've had to become creative to get her to eat. We've tried feeding her outside, giving her control of the spoon (our walls will never be the same!), singing, dancing, and all kinds of entertainment. Our most successful method to date is feeding her in the bathtub. Clean up is certainly easier and she enjoys splashing her way through a meal.

In lieu of food, Eleanora has taken to carrying toys in her mouth, Charlie-style. Her favorite is a Lego man. She plays with other toys for hours while the little guy is hanging out of her mouth.

Lego people are never safe from Ellazilla!

Another recent first is an attempt at pigtails for our little sweetheart. There's not a ton of hair to style, but we made it work. Thanks to Mom for the inspiration!


Mark and Jenn said...

Love the new do! Too cute!

Elaine said...

So so sweet. She is learning young about good hair days. The pigtail success was a VERY good hair day! I'm sure she turned heads left and right.

Erin said...

Too cute! I wonder whether Eleanora carrying the toys in her mouth is really from watching Charlie or her just being silly. Last time we hung out, I don't remember you or Ben doing that. Love that girlie!