Monday, June 8, 2009

A Walk in the Park

After a busy and super fun weekend throwing a shower (pictures to come) for my sweet friend, Erin, we declared Sunday "relax day" and headed to the park. We enjoyed the cool temps (below 90 - yay!), nice breeze, green grass, beautiful view of the mountains, and time together.

Eleanora wasn't such a big fan of the swings...

...but she loved-loved-loved watching the swarms of kids climbing the jungle gym, hitting a pinata, and having water fights.

After all that excitement, she was one tuckered girl!

A few recent pictures I can't resist sharing...

Enjoying early morning time with Ben and Charlie on the porch

Guess who is pulling herself up all on her own?

Silly baby, happy Mama

A few other new things little Elle is up to these days:
- Kissing (a.k.a. headbutting) the pictures of fish in her new favorite book (must be related to UB!)
- "Singing" along with her bedtime song with a soft, sweet little "aaaaa"
- Saying "Mama" all the time. Yes, the books say it's too early for her to know what it means, but it's still music to my ears!


Natalie said...

Oh my goodness, I can't bear it - could she be any more beautiful?! Thank you thank you for the pics!

Anonymous said...

She has the prettiest eyes I have ever seen--what a heartbreaker! Love, Mom