Saturday, September 11, 2010

We are Getting Close!

Samuel has successfully made it to day 3 of 5 on his spell count and we are on track for release on Monday! We received a visit from the discharge coordinator with instructions for home care which was very exciting. Samuel is scheduled for a car seat test tomorrow, which he must pass to go home. His vitals will be monitored while he sits in his car seat to be sure he can tolerate the trip home.

The pediatric neurologist examined Samuel due to his brain bleed. She is pleased with his progress and by the fact the blood is continuing to resolve on its own. She does want Samuel to continue to be closely monitored with another head ultrasound in one month, another in two months, and a full neurological and developmental exam in four months. For now, she was happy with his reflexes and responses and said he is acting completely appropriately for a fetus (going by adjusted age, Samuel is -2 weeks old). We will need to watch him closely for any developmental delays over the course of his childhood, so that any issues can be addressed quickly with therapy. It is all overwhelming to even begin to think about, so for now we are totally focused on getting him home and in our arms full time.

Last little bit of tape on his face

Sleeping soundly under big sister's watchful eye

And now for a few laughs from the land of Eleanora (or "Nowa" as she now refers to herself). The other day Natalie and I were talking while the bath was filling for Eleanora. Suddenly she ran into the room and said, "Big Bounce tub!" and then ran away. We peaked around the corner to see this...

Yes, Big Bounce (aka big kangaroo) apparently needed a bath too. Since he was already soaked, why not let him enjoy the soak?

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Brent said...

Will keep our fingers crossed for the next few days that you get to take him home. So great to hear of his continuing health and improvement!