Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Quick Update

They did another head ultrasound on Monday, and the blood in his brain has yet to resolve itself. So this is something they will continue to monitor. We're still pretty concerned about this, so prayers are welcome! Otherwise he is doing very well breathing and keeping his food down. We are getting to hold him more which is the highlight of my day right now. That's all for now, thanks as always for your prayers and support!



Anonymous said...

Hi Ben and Kara, So glad you are getting to hold your little man more and more. Praying for the blood situation to resolve itself quickly. Love, Kami and Ryan

the Wahlman Family said...

Love and prayers from the Wahlman family.

Lindsay said...

You're in our prayers, littlest Hoffman! (And the bigger Hoffmans, too.) Love to all -

Lindsay and Brent

Anonymous said...

So glad you are getting to hold Sam and give him your healing love. We think about you and pray for you and Sammy. Love, AJ and UB