Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Update and Pictures

Samuel's progress continues to be slow and steady. He weighed in at 4 lb 10 oz last night. Today he had two episodes of bradycardia while I (Kara) was holding him, which although is typical I will never get used to. Alarms ringing because your baby's heart rate has dropped never ceases to be terrifying. He recovered fairly quickly and on his own from both episodes, which is good. Last night he also had two episodes of near-apneas. A true apnea is defined as 20 seconds without breathing. His episodes were 15 seconds each. All in all, typical behavior for a 34 week gestation preemie.

What is not typical, is how absolutley beautiful this little boy is. Below are a few pictures taken today of our little guy. He is getting bigger everyday and is more handsome than ever.


Erin said...

He looks just like Eleanora! Such a gorgeous boy...and a tough cookie too.

Scott and Deb said...

Thanks so much for the pictures! He's adorable!

Tasted and Tweaked said...

Annie forwarded me your blog. Just yesterday I was wondering how everything was going with Samuel, so I was glad to have the update. You are continually in our thoughts and prayers.

Alison and Jim Steadman

Anonymous said...

What a great looking little guy! I think maybe that top picture looks like he is searching for his Opa and is wondering why he and his family have to be so far away from his grampa. Let him know his Opa is wondering the same thing but sends all his love and lots of prayers & thanksgiving. Looking so forward to meeting Sammy & seeing all of you in October!


The Gilfillans said...

Ben and Kara- Samuel is so adorable! He definitely looks like Eleanora's little brother. So glad to hear things are going ok. We're praying for you guys!