Sunday, August 22, 2010

One Month Old

Samuel Peter is one month old today! Ben and I celebrated by softly singing happy birthday to him this morning. All the excitement wore out our boy who showed very little interest in eating and spent most of the day sleeping in my arms. He now weighs 5 pounds 2 ounces and is more handsome than ever.

This has been by far the longest month of my life. Despite the difficulty, I am so unbelievable grateful for this sweet precious boy who I cannot wait to bring home!

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Anonymous said...

Sammy has dug and hustled his way all the way around to 3rd base. Now, there he stands, pulling on the brim of his cap, springing up and down on his heels and watching the 3rd base coach for signs. There is nobody out.

The meat of the lineup is coming to the plate. Mom, Dad, the good folks from the NICU. All intent on bringing this scrappy young rookie across the plate.

There may be a few more pitches fouled off, the catcher may come out and consult a few times with the pitcher. The ump may decide he wants to examine the ball. Each will add minutes to what already seems an eternity.

But soon enough, the bat will meet the ball and send it out over the outfield in a high soaring arc. And Scrappy Sam will tag up, tug on his hat one more time, saunter down the line, cross the plate and be Safe at Home.

And the cheers from Tucson to Erie to Chicago to Pittsburgh and back again will shake the very foundations of the stadium.