Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Relaxation and Fun

After a typical marathon reading session with Eleanora on the couch (this girl cannot get enough), she wiggled out of my lap, grabbed her favorite book, and kicked back for a little solo pursuing. Notice the crossed legs.


Ben and Eleanora have so many fun games that are just between them. Below are pictures of a recent addition. It's called "pretend to be asleep and wake up with a giggle over and over". I like that it ends with a slobbery kiss for Ben.

This past weekend we had a joyous visit from Uncle Bob and Aunt Jan who were in Phoenix for a conference. UB drove down Saturday afternoon and spent the day with Eleanora and I. He took us to lunch, treated me to marvelous, stimulating, and often humorous adult conversation, and joined us for a walk to the park. He and Eleanora bonded over blueberries and slides.

Photobucket Photobucket


On Sunday, we met both UB and AJ at the Phoenix zoo for a marvelous afternoon of animal watching. We had a wonderful, too-brief visit with our favorite Chicago residents.


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Mark and Jenn said...

Love the shot of Eleanora reading her book! Too cute!