Sunday, March 21, 2010

Out with a Bang

"Spring break" (I again use this term very loosely) ended with a bang. Friday night, friends from college and their adorable little love made a pit stop at our house during a road trip from chilly Denver to a beautiful Mexican beach. Burke and Eleanora hit it off immediately and had a ball together. The fits of giggles coming from the nursery was music to my ears. The few times I dared to peak in, Eleanora was sitting back in her rocker watching Burke put on some kind of stuffed animal show that was simply hilarious.

Sweet Burke and our girl

Lately, when I'm in the kitchen bustling around, Eleanora desperately wants to be up where she can see the action. This becomes a problem when either my back gives out or I need two hands for a task. Yesterday, she was completely devastated that I was doing the dishes without her help (I wasn't too thrilled either). On a whim, I pulled a chair over to the sink so she could enjoy all the fun (ha!) of washing dishes by hand. The screams, giggles, and shouts of delight coming from my happy helper made me actually enjoy this usually dreaded chore.

We ended the weekend by enjoying a fabulous dinner last night with John, Erin and Katherine who are soon moving (sniff, sniff) to Athens, Georgia where John will be teaching at the University of Georgia. We are thrilled for their success and in complete denial that we are facing a future in Tucson without these dear friends.


Scott and Deb said...

SO jealous that you had a visit from the Gentry family! What fun!!

Natalie said...

great pictures, as always!

kirstin said...

burke can't stop talking about eleanora.... he keeps saying, "fwend, nowa... fwend?" we'll have to make visits a more frequent occurance. :)

Erin said...

We're in denial too...we want you to move with us. Seriously.