Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Break

Ben is on Spring Break this week, which is nothing like the spring break of our undergrad days. His drastically reduced self-imposed schedule for the week is a mere (!) 6 hours of school work a day. Yes, much better than his typical 14 or so hours, but not exactly what I'd consider a vacation. Once I got over my pouting and whining, we've actually had a great few days tackling projects around the house, spending more time together as a family than usual, and enjoying a slightly more leisurely pace. Yesterday we made the trek to Phoenix to hit the zoo again, and then headed to Ikea for a cheap dinner and some shopping. It was a wonderful, productive, fun day!

Waving to the train every time it passed

What Giraffes? There's a squirrel in there!

This little guy was pretty enamored with our girl. Can you blame him?

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B Dunlap said...

Oh fun! We were at IKEA yesterday, too- I wish we had run into each other! Buy anything exciting?