Friday, April 15, 2011

Nataliam Newlyweds

It's official!  My beautiful sister was a beautiful bride and is now a beautiful wife!  The past two months have been a whirlwind of travel/bridal shower/wedding crazy-wonderfulness.  Now that we are home and settling into our new normal (no Aunt Na-Na at breakfast every morning), it's time to recap the fun...

Natalie bravely traveled with the kids and I to PA for her bridal shower.  Thank goodness, because I don't know how I would have wrangled both kids on my own.  The event was beautiful, and bride-to-be radiant.  The venue was a lovely annex room in the old Theatre where the wedding was held.  In lieu of traditional games, we had several activities.  Each attendee was asked to choose the name of a movie star from a vase and then the starlets of the screen were called throughout the brunch to select an evening bag of their choice from a display.  Another activity was "Quilted Love".  Each person was asked to write their initials on a square of fabric that we are working to embroider and assemble into a quilt for the bride and groom.  I loved all the little details like the monogrammed cookies ("G" for Gibson/Grimes), the gold table linens, the a-mazing food, and the fun had by all. 

On to the big day.  The wedding was breathtaking...

That is just a smattering of the beautiful pictures.  Here is a link to the photographer's website (password  031911natalieliam).  The pictures are so amazing, it's worth a peek!  A few of my favorite moments from the wedding:

- Watching Natalie walk down the staircase (aisle) beaming and looking more beautiful than any bride ever as Liam walked up the stairs to meet her
- The look on Natalie's face when the bridal party surprised her and Liam by joining in to sing "Dona Nobis Pacem" during the ceremony
- The band playing "This Will Be" for the recessional
- The ridiculously good-looking couple's first dance (L-O-V-E) 
- Uncle Bob's moving and sweet welcome toast
- Dad and Natalie dancing to "How Sweet it is (to be loved by you)"
- The sibling dance to "She Drives Me Crazy"
- Our choreographed "Sisters" dance (yes, we used fans!)
- Seeing all of my family out on the dance floor having a ball, and my handsome cousins lining up to dance with our sweet Mena
- Feeling the love of so many dear friends and family in one room

A special thank you to my amazing in-laws who knocked themselves out to babysit Eleanora and Samuel during the pre-wedding festivities so we could totally focus on the bride and groom!

Enjoying some quality time with Grandpa and Gram at their house
Congratulations to the beautiful couple!  May you have a lifetime of joy and happiness, and may the current 30 minute drive to your house be the furthest we ever live from each other!


Dad said...

Wow, what a great job Kara! More & more of your grandpa Petri rubs off on me as I have a hard time keeping from "getting all weepy".


Natalie said...

Thank you for everything you did to make the shower wedding so special and meaningful!!! It could not have happened without the most amazing Matron of Honor ever!

Dan said...

Awesome picture collages.
You'd be fantastic at scrap
booking. Great recap . . .
Hugs to all.
Aunt Michelle

Anonymous said...

Where's that Kleenex? Oh, what beautiful pictures and words. And what a wonderful celebration of love Natalie's and Liam's wedding was.
Sigh (sniffle)

The Leeds said...

Ok, please tell me there is video of the Sisters dance and that I can watch it. :-)