Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Collage Crazy

In an attempt to catch up on the past couple of months, I've gone crazy with the collages!

Eleanora and Samuel love-love-loooooove each other.  Samuel thinks anything Eleanora does is hilarious.  Sometimes they just look at each other and giggle for no apparent reason.  No one can get Samuel doing the full-body, head-thrown-back, can-hardly-breathe laugh like Eleanora.  It's usually the result of repeatedly dropping something, bumping into something, or intentionally falling down (he's a boy, he loves physical comedy!).

They are not always so sweet together.  We are working hard on sharing.  I hear, "No look at me, Baby Sammy!" and "That's MY cry!" at least once a day from Miss Nora.  But more often than not, she is thrilled to have a completely enraptured audience watching her every move.

Sibling Love
Speaking of Miss Nora, she makes us laugh every day.  Below are a few of her more hilarious quotes:

- "I taking care of my baby sister." (a toy giraffe that she fed, changed and put to sleep in a basket)
-  "Carry you!" (Carry me!)
- "I need to smell your neck" (I need to snuggle up with my face in your neck)
- "Nate, I hungry!" (hoping her buddy will do something about it!)
- "I going runnin'" (putting on earphones by the door)
- "Worms?! That's so crazy! Birds eat pancakes!" (when pretending to be a bird in her nest, I asked her if she'd like a snack of worms)
- "I workin' like Daddy on the com'peter'"
- E: Kids at church sing songs about Jesus
  K: Who is Jesus?
  E: I  don't know!
  K: Jesus is God's son
  E: That's right! Great job, Momma!
- "You kidding?!" (when told nap time/quiet time was not over yet)
- "I go on trip with Liam!" (when told Liam took Natalie on a trip after the wedding)
- "Blah, blah, Kara Hoffman, blah blah" (reading my driver's license)

Sweet Samuel is doing great.  He's rolling with purpose, scooting army-style, and eating more everyday.  He loves to grab, pull, and chew on anything he can get ahold of including hair, noses, lips, and hands.  He is the sweetest little Baby Brick (UB's perfect description!) ever!

We loved spending time with all of our family while in PA and only wish it wasn't over so quickly!


Anonymous said...

I love these pictures! What a treat to see Nora's and Sammy's beautiful faces. Love Nora's dialogues too. And Sammy has such great expressions! UB has been fishing in the snow and rain up in Wisconsin and having a great time. Love you! AJ

Erin said...

I can't decide which of these pictures I like best. These kids are beautiful!