Monday, August 3, 2009

Home Sweet Home: Suite Retreat

We are home after a whirlwind trip to the East Coast. With so much fun to share, we'll spread it out over a couple of posts.

The first leg of our trip was the annual Suite Retreat. Eleanora and I flew from Phoenix to New England for a few days with my college suitemates and their little ones.

A bit different than last year!

Busy playing with Anna Kate

Loving grass - we don't get much of that in Arizona!

Bath time with Mr. Micah

What a gentleman, fetching toys for his lady friends

Eleanora and I snuggled up, chatting with the girls (and Micah!)

Micah not sure about all this attention from the ladies

Happy kiddos...

For a minute

Road Trip!

After a fabulous couple of days of talking, eating, and more talking, Jenn and I loaded our girls up and drove 6 hours from Boston to Philadelphia. The girls (especially Anna Kate!) were great. Eleanora doesn't have the best track record in the car, so I was a bit nervous about the drive. Turns out, all Eleanora needs to make her happy on a roadtrip is her bff Anna Kate. She was totally mesmerized by her beautiful friend and was even content to watch her sleep. The trip was quiet and smooth and gave Jenn and I lots of additional time to catch up.

I'm so grateful for the sweet friendships of Deb, Christina and Jenn. Our annual gatherings are such a wonderful time. I learn so much from each of them every time we're together. They are each amazing Mommas, wives, and all-around fabulous people.

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