Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wonderful Friends

As we head into the great unknown of parenthood, we are grateful for the advice of wonderful friends who have gone before us. In May, I was blessed by a wonderful visit from Adrienne who traveled all the way from Pittsburgh to have a girls' weekend in Tucson with me. We saw "Sex and the City", hiked, ate ice cream and talked...a lot. It was the perfect girls' weekend. I'm so grateful for her honest advice and straightforward approach. She is a wonderful source of practical advice and an amazing friend. I am so grateful for her presence in my life.

This past weekend, I traveled to the East Coast for a reunion with my suitemates from college. So much has changed since we were last together a year and a half ago! Between the four of us, there are now 2 babies, and 2 more on the way this fall! As you can imagine, the weekend was full of "baby talk" with lots of advice and tips and tricks. It was such a wealth of information that I took notes! We even took a field trip to Babies R Us where Christina and Deb helped Jenn and I navigate the overwhelming amount of baby stuff out there. Above all, it was a sweet time of catching up with beautiful friends and cooing over beautiful babies.

While I was away lounging and enjoying myself with friends, Ben was hard at work getting the nursery ready. Our selfless friends, John and Erin, came over and helped him move furniture and gave advice to tackle his first-ever paint job. He worked hard all weekend and I came home to a beautifully painted nursery! What a guy!


Scott and Deb said...

Wow - two new posts in a week! I guess all our pestering got to you. :)

kirstin said...

How fun! I love the mommies/babies/mommies-to-be/onesies picture! Y'all are darling...
Though, I can't actually see the baby bump in this picture... do you have any prego pics??? I'd love to see them!!!