Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cabo San Fabulous!

In an attempt to squeeze in one final getaway pre-baby, Ben and I jetted off to Cabo for a glorious week of sun, relaxation, reading and escape from our never-ending to do lists. It was a wonderful time for us to focus on each other and prepare (as much as possible) for the huge change coming our way in October. We talked a lot about the baby, what kind of parents we want to be, and reflected on how grateful we are to have had the last five years together, just the two of us. Oh, and we may have discussed (and we think finalized) names for the little guy/girl... Ben is committed (and I'm going along with him) to keeping this information top secret until the big day arrives, so there will be no sneak preview here!

The best part of our trip was simply time together...time away from the business of life and preparations, away from the endless renovations on the house, away from the pressures of work and school. Time to just be together and appreciate this season of "just the two of us" that is rapidly coming to an end.

More Cabo Pics


Jenn said...

You look AMAZING!!!!! So glad you guys had a wonderful time.

kirstin said...

YEAH! I love it that y'all had one last trip just you two!!! That's fantastic!

How are you feeling by the way? You look terrific!

Ben and Kara said...

Thanks for the sweet words, ladies! I feel really good - I just can't believe how soon October is coming!

Ben and Kara said...
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