Monday, August 20, 2012

Big Job

Eleanora takes her job as the big sister very seriously.  She is convinced I will forget that Samuel is toddling a few steps behind us and will leave him behind at the gardens/zoo/grocery store/library/living room.  Momma! Don't forget Samuel!!!!  She loves to start her sentences with Sam we do not...  She translates his every grunt to suit her mood. Sam says he wants Daddy and a cookie, ok Momma?  When I tell her for the millionth time that she can relax and just be the big sister and let me be the Momma she tells me, Big sisters tell their brothers no-no, and Mommas hold them when they cry.

Sam is not always a fan of her mothering attention.  He's been subject to many many many imaginary doctor's visits where he is reminded to be a brave boy as he is pinned down to recieve his hundredth injection.

Eleanora's other self-appointed job is to be our family dictator, I mean director.  Every scene of imaginary play has been carefully scripted and must be followed to the letter.  She interrupts lackluster performances to remind us to really scream like a dinosaur is going to eat you up, ok?  Deviations and improvisation are not tolerated unless they involve tickling.

Bedtime is carefully choreographed, down to the number and placement of bedtime kisses.  There are silly kisses, real kisses, elbow kisses, forehead kisses, and nose kisses.  Her sweet hands squeeze my cheeks and angle my head to receive the kisses appropriately.  I'm tired, so ready for a few precious adult hours.  I'm tempted to cut her off, lay down the law, and close the door.  But somewhere deep down I hear the whisper, savor this moment.  And so I lean in for yet another super-sloppy, open-mouthed, suction-cup kiss on the cheek.  

Every day races by so quickly, I don't want to forget a moment of it.  I don't want to forget how she refers to the nursery at church as The Nursery Rhyme and it's volunteers The Nursery Rhymers.  I don't want to forget how she starts every other sentence with a sharp intake of breath and the words, I have an idea! or how she calls Ben her best friender and she tears up every time he leaves for work.  I don't want to forget a single snuggle, sweet sleepy sigh, or whispered I love you.

And so bedtime will take longer than I planned and my precious adult-only hours will start a bit later, but every kiss makes it worth it.


Natalie said...

You have so perfectly captured Eleanora! Thank you for recording all these precious memories...I don't ever want to forget a single one!

kirstin said...

Thanks for the reminder Kara. Burke has an extra specific bedtime kiss lineup as well... and a song... and sometimes it is ridiculous. But I will miss it so much when he gets too big for kisses and songs... :)

ps- If you want to put new house pics on here, I wouldn't be opposed. :)