Sunday, March 18, 2012

Beach Boy

His hair is way too long, but I don't have the heart to cut it.  I love it when he shakes that beautiful, beach bum blonde hair like surfer coming out of the water.  I love the cleft in his chin that matches Ben's.  I love his piercing blue eyes.  I love the dimple he gets high on his cheek when he is really happy.  I love his sweet voice practicing new sounds and silly voices.  I love his very rare "Momma" and his much more frequent "Dada".  I love his giggle, his sweet nature, and the sight of his chubby fingers nearly always clutching a car or truck.  I even love the way he always kicks his left foot over his body when he's having a tantrum.

I am so proud of my precious boy.  He may not have many words yet, but he makes sure his voice is heard.  He may not be walking yet, but his determined head-down-full-speed-ahead crawl gets him anywhere he wants to be.  He may not be able to tell a joke yet, but his sense of humor is evident when he giggles and puts his sock on his head. 

And his joy?  It's contagious.  You'd be hard pressed to find a happier boy.  And you certainly won't find a Momma more in love.


Elaine said...

Sammy makes my heart go all aflutter. I am so proud of him too! Love, Gigi

janicecastro said...

What a sweet boy and an amazing mama!
Love, Jan

Beth said...

My favorite part of this post--how he kicks his left leg over his body when he's having a tantrum. Shows a sweet mama's love for her little one--only an invested mother notices and records details like that! Samuel's been blessed to have you!