Friday, February 4, 2011

"I Can't Beweeve It!"

Tucson has been dealing with an unusually brutal cold snap the past few days (windchill in the single digits!) which has sent the city into a tailspin.  There is a gas shortage, and the water authority is dealing with mechanical issues related to the water.  Fortunetly, our heat has been working fine with the help of a toasty fire to keep us warm.  Our water, however, has not been reliable.  We were without water all day yesterday until late afternoon.  We are again without water today.  Not fun with a messy toddler and an infant needing clean bottles!  We will survive, especially knowing next week is predicted to bring 70 degree temps!  Oh Tucson, how I love thy winter.

Our Eleanora has been very busy living in the land of make-believe, and what an imagination she has.  She has had several imaginary pets/pests lately including an ant (who she kept in her pocket and pulled out to "show off" as needed) and butterfly (who occasionally eats her cheese, but mostly likes to hang out on the ceiling).  We've also had visits from various dinosaurs, both scary ("RAAAAWR, Mommy!") and friendly ("Nice, din-sawr.").  Her favorite line lately is, "I can't beweeve it!" (I can't believe it!) as in...

"Good mowning, Mommy!  The sun is owange, I can't beweeve it!"

She is also very excited to "read" both to herself and to Samuel ("I readin', Mommy!").  She sits for long periods of time in her room, "reading" aloud to herself with all the voices.  

Sweet Samuel is doing well also.  He is a roll-over pro (front to back) and flips nearly every time he is on the floor.  He's drooling like crazy, which makes me wonder if teeth are on their way, or if he's just a drooly baby as I hear Ben was.

Here are few pictures of the wee ones in all their glory...

Oh the joys of being a little brother - never a moment's peace!
But he loooooves it!

"Come on, Baee Sammy!  Dance me!"

"This way!"

Water service just resumed, so I'm off to quickly do the dishes and laundry while I can!


Elaine said...

I can't beweeve how beautiful these children are! Or how hilarious are these pics! Sammy's expressions are priceless. In the one in the stroller, he looks to be saying, "She always gets the front seat..."

Anonymous said...

I can't beweeve it! Such beautiful children. I love Sammy's expressions! (Yo, What Elaine said.)
We love you. AJ and UB