Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Giving!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, or a very "Happy Giving!" as Eleanora said throughout the day.  As per tradition, we started the morning with Lindsay's a-mazing cinnamon roll recipe (ice cream in the frosting, need I say more?!) and the Macy's Day parade.  Eleanora loved watching the floats, dancing to the music, and having everyone all together. 

At one point during the morning, Natalie and Eleanora spotted something very unusual strolling down the sidewalk...a miniature horse!  Being the super-fun aunt that she is, Natalie scooped up Eleanora and took off running down the street to get a closer look.  I grabbed the camera and started running behind them.  We were quite a sight, all in our pajamas, me chasing Natalie who was carrying Eleanora, all of us chasing the horse and it's owner.  Several people stopped on the sidewalk to gawk, wondering if a kidnapping was taking place (they talked to us later after realizing we on a pony chase!).  

We had a wonderful dinner with Sissy, Rich and Mimi complete with a turkey grilled to perfection.  Eleanora's favorite part of the meal was eating the pudding pie with Mimi.

What a wonderful day with so much to be thankful for!

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