Saturday, June 12, 2010

First Days of School

Eleanora had a very big week. Last weekend we took advantage of the heat-relief offered by Mount Lemmon and had a family picnic in the cool 85 degree weather (as opposed to over 100 degrees in Tucson). Eleanora loved wading in the mountain stream, exploring, and getting totally soaked.

Blowing a kiss to a treasured stick as it floated down stream

On Tuesday she had her very first gymnastics class offered by the Tucson Department of Parks and Rec. She loved the obstacles to crawl under, around and through, all the jumping, walking on the balance beam, and running around under a parachute at the end.

On Friday, she attended her very first day of "school". A local church offers a "Mom's Morning Out" program to allow parents one solo morning a week (for me this will be filled mostly with doctor's appointments) while their little ones are safely cared for. This was a big step for both Eleanora and I, and there were a lot of tears involved (all mine - none from her). I wept over the peanut and butter sandwich I packed for her lunch, wondering how my baby grew up so quickly. Fortunately, Ben was available to come with us for the first drop-off which kept everyone (me) much calmer. Eleanora ran into the classroom and got right to work exploring the toys while I lingered, waiting for the tear-filled goodbye I was certain would be coming. It never did. As we waved goodbye, she glanced over her shoulder and went back to her playing. We waited outside the door for the inevitable crying, and were met with silence. Back home, I had a couple uninterrupted hours to attack cleaning the house with a vengeance. When I picked her up, three long hours later, she was sitting on an armchair in the classroom, slumped over on a giant stuffed bear, looking happy and tired.

Classic first day pictures with "Lambie" who followed her to school...


Elaine said...

How brave you were, Kara! I love her first day of school outfit. Wait until she and UB go wading together. Now that will be the ultimate outing! She is too darling for words. I cannot wait to see all of you again. Soon! Have patience, Gigi, soon!

Natalie said...

soo cute! Thanks for sharing the pics and details...auntie is teary-eyed!

Where is her red plaid? we need to get her some Dukes gear for old times sake!

Erin said...

Oh my! She really is a little kid now, no longer a baby. I'm tearing up just thinking about it, and I have no pregnancy hormones to battle. I miss you guys so ridiculously much!