Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Marvelous Mother's Day

Yesterday was a wonderful Mother's Day starting with the incomparable gift of sleep. Our usually early riser (5:30 or 6:00 is a typical wake-up call) slept in until 8:00! Although I was awake and feeling very well-rested, Ben insisted I stay in bed and relax until he and Eleanora came to get me. I lounged and read in bed for a bit (glorious!) until I was greeted with a very excited, "Mommy!!!" from Eleanora as she ran to me with a crayon covered card in her little hand. She sat in my lap as I opened it and exclaimed "Oh, wow!" at the card she helped to pick out and decorate. Ben brought me a delicious cappuccino and beautiful card as well.

The rest of the day was packed with fun; church, a nap (for Eleanora) and pedicure (for me - amazing!), then a wonderful outdoor dinner of Chinese food followed by chasing Eleanora around the fountains near the university.

Eleanora was dressed to the nines for Mother's day thanks to my friend Kirstin, who made her adorable dress. Could it be any cuter?!

It was a great day, and I felt very appreciated and loved by my beautiful family.

I did receive another Mother's Day present earlier in the week. We caught our very first glimpse of Baby Hoffman! We asked the doctor to not tell us the gender, but instead to write it down for us to open together later (thanks for the idea, Vanessa and Ryan!). As we stared at that adorable face, sweet little hands and toes on the screen we both just knew the gender (which was the opposite of what we were thinking all along). Later that evening over a porch-side spread of frozen margaritas (sans tequilla for me) and chips and salsa, we opened the paper together and saw one word...


Yes, Eleanora will have a little brother (or "baby brof")! We are so excited to meet this little guy and welcome him to our thrilled family. Eleanora may even be willing to share her growing matchbox car collection with him, if he's lucky!


The Leeds said...

Oh yay for your little boy. That margarita sounds good. hm...

The Gilfillans said...

Yay! Congratulations! I was just about to email you to see if you knew anything yet. Boys are a ton of fun but a lot of energy (at least mine is). Hope you are feeling well!

kirstin said...

YAY for your news! I'm so excited for you- even if it wasn't what you were thinking (and, seriously, with sisters like ours, I'd be hoping for a girl as well... heck, I have a boy and am still hoping for a girl- haha!).
And I love it that Eleanora wore her little dress... :)

Lindsay said...

Oh congratulations, Hoffman fam! We can't wait to meet the little guy! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Fabuloso! What exciting news! Young Master Hoffman on the way. Meanwhile, what a beautiful dress. Perfect! nice to have a friend like Kristin.

Love you guys,

Kami said...

WOOHOO!! So excited for you guys! You will love having a little boy! :)