Monday, January 25, 2010

Back into the Swing of Things

Charlie and Eleanora destroying the evidence when I caught them in the snack cupboard

We are finally all relatively healthy and ready to get back into the regular routine of life. Eleanora now has 8 visible teeth (4 on top and 4 on the bottom) with a few more on their way as evidenced by her extra drooling, slightly runny nose and lots of chewing on her fingers. Her 15 month checkup last week revealed that she continues to be in the 90th percentile for height and has climbed up from 10th to 25th percentile for weight. This is the first time I haven't heard a lot of "tips and tricks" from the doctor about ways to sneak more fat into her diet. I think all the whole milk she is drinking is doing its job! She was diagnosed with yet another ear infection (3rd in 6 weeks - ugh!) but otherwise is very healthy and happy. The doctor was writing in her chart with a dog pen and Eleanora kept pointing to it and saying, "Daw! Daw!" and then panting like a dog. She also says, "Ba" (banana), and "tan ooo" (thank you, when prompted) as well as "Hi", "Mama", and her all-time favorite "Dada". She occasionally roars like a lion and can identify her elbow, nose, eyes, hair, fingers, toes, tongue, and teeth.

Mimi and Eleanora after their water fight in the tub

Combining her two favorite activities: being naked and reading!

Snuggling with Daddy makes boo boos all better

Enough bragging about Eleanora (I could go on and on). Auntie Natty was in for a long weekend visit last week and it was so fun to have her around. We even got a little sister-bonding time/pedicures while Liam watched Eleanora. Glorious! Oh, and I think "Nataliam" were pretty happy to be reunited. It's just too bad they aren't at all good looking...

The beautiful people


Elaine said...

The picture of Eleanora "destroying the evidence" is one of my all-time favorites--I LOVE IT.

Fun to see Eleanora and Mimi hanging out together.

Fun to see NataLiam hanging out together.

Elaine said...

The second pic of Eleanora reminds me quite a bit of Erin Hoffman. Sweet!

Anonymous said...

'Combining her two favorite activities: being naked and reading!' Mine too!


Anonymous said...

"The beautiful people"

Kara: There's an imp in you that's been living in a posh apartment somewhere behind your eyes for as long as I've known you, which I'd additionally point out has been just as long (if not longer) than you've known you..

They are a pretty dashing pair, though...:)

Somewhere Over Madison In My New Waders,


janicecastro said...

Only 11 more months until our next Christmas together! Love the guilty parties at the snack cabinet and the pix of Eleanora and her Daddy. Oh, and since no one else has mentioned it, Natalie and Liam look wonderful together :-)