Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Big 3-0

This week I bid a fond farewell to my twenties, and what a fabulous decade it was. From college to marriage, travel overseas and across the country, moving from a dorm to Pittsburgh to the desert, going from an individual to a family of three, it's been a whirlwind of firsts.

Ben helped to usher in the next decade in style. I started the day with a little extra snooze after feeding Eleanora, then woke to breakfast in bed (Cinnamon Dulce latte and muffin) served on a tray with a beautiful vase of flowers. Ben, Eleanora and I snuggled into bed and enjoyed our treats (and cherrios). Knowing my nerdy love of schedules and plans, Ben included an itinerary of the day's events with my breakfast. After breakfast, I opened a mountain of beautiful letters, cards and emails from friends and family with beautiful words of love and encouragement. I can't imagine a better gift! Speaking of gifts, I also received the camera of my dreams and have barely put it down since!

Ben arranged his crazy schedule to spend a few hours with Eleanora and I in the afternoon. We went to lunch and feasted on spinach goat cheese salads and mozzarella and basil pizza. After lunch, we took a stroll through the zoo and enjoyed the beautiful cool weather and wonderful time with our sweet girl.

The evening was a rare treat - a date night alone with Ben. We put Eleanora to bed, then left her in the very capable hands of Sissy, Rich and Mimi. A local restaurant's candlelit courtyard was our dinner venue with live jazz and a bottle of wine to make the night even more special. It was a perfect beginning to my thirties!


Mark and Jenn said...

30 is definitely working for you. Glad you had such a nice day! Great pics.

Natalie said...

30 never looked more beautiful!

kirstin said...

look at how gorgeous you are, all dolled up for your hot date! happy birthday- and way to go ben for planning such a great birthday! :)