Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Latest in Hoffman-land

Time for a bit of an update from Hoffman-land...

In honor of my first Mother's Day, Ben treated me to an evening out with my "intellectual crush", Ira Glass. At the venue, we were offered fantastic seats in the 15th row (a far cry from our back row purchase) for free! Ira was wonderful, and chose to play it cool even though I'm sure he recognized me from our previous meeting. Eleanora slept soundly the entire time we were gone, thanks to Brent and Lindsay's wonderful babysitting skills!

After an exhausting and crazy few weeks (preceded by several exhausting and crazy months/years!), Ben successfully completed another semester of graduate school! His summer will continue to be packed with research and teaching, but his self-imposed schedule will be a bit more bearable. Translation: He has declared Sundays to be "work-free days"! This past week was the first in this glorious new schedule. We spent the afternoon playing on the floor with Eleanora and just enjoying time together. I've been making lists of fun, heat-avoiding activities for the three of us for the coming months.

Eleanora has been keeping us entertained with her hilarious antics. She's discovered the fun of peek-a-boo and loves to pull a blanket over her head (or up to her nose) and then pull it away with a big grin when we ask "where is Eleanora?". Her latest doctor's appointment confirmed her to be adorable (that's a professional medical opinion!), very long (90 percentile) and lean (10th percentile). She is also rolling and spinning with purpose, using it as a mode of transportation to get where she wants to go (usually in Charlie's direction). She still loves bath time, story time, and our nightly dance parties. Her sweet little personality is coming out more and more with all her expressions, noises, kisses, and snuggles.

Not sure about sweet potatoes... Sold!

Rattle in hand? Check. Rattle in lap? Check. Rattle on foot? Check!

Two chicks hangin' out

Is there anything better than a snuggly baby?

"Helping" Ben hold her favorite story book

Fast asleep with Mr. Monkey at her side


Elaine said...

I thought the first picture was hilarious until I saw her begging for more in the second! And the one of her and Ben reading her book is adorable! I definitely see some personality coming through in that photo. I love all things Eleanora : )


Mom G.

Natalie said...

I can't believe how big she is getting! She has changed so much since I saw her in April...growing in size and beauty! Thanks for posting new pics!

Megan said...

My goodness, she is a beautiful baby!