Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Growing and Growing

I know it's cliche', but I honestly can't believe how fast Eleanora is growing. She seems to be making new discoveries every day - grabbing, holding onto and throwing toys, reaching for Charlie's soft fur, and talking to her stuffed animals. There is nothing better than seeing her break into a big grin when either of us enter her room to "rescue" her from her crib. She loves being around people whether is charming them at the grocery store, staying up too late when we have friends over, or miserably crying in her car seat because she can't see the action. Her latest trick is to "pray along" in church. She's quiet as a mouse during worship, but then starts talking as loud as she can as soon as the pastor begins praying sending me on a mad dash to the cry room.

Her favorite time of the day continues to be bath and story time. No matter how unhappy she is after struggling against getting her pj's on (this girl loves to be naked), she quiets down as soon as Ben begins reading her favorite stories. She is completely mesmerized!

Every day brings new challenges (teething!) and new joys and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Laughing at Charlie

Laughing at her personal paparazzi!

Loving bath time (as always!)

Delicious toes!

Not so sure about sitting up on her own...

Much happier with help!


Christina said...

Oh Kara - she's SO beautiful and precious!! Thanks for posting pictures :) :)

kirstin said...

What a doll! Seriously, so gorgeous! I can't believe she's already teething and sitting- crazy!

Natalie said...

thank you for the pictures and update! More soon (asap!) pleeease!! I'm so amazed by everything about her :-)