Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Big Girl!

Stylin' for her first dinner at Guadalajara's

Eleanora is growing in leaps and bounds. She loves to talk while we read her a story (we are sure she is reading along!) or sing along to any tune (her favorites are the Beatles and "Rubber Duckie"). Last week she rolled over from her back to her side for the first time in order to snuggle up to her Daddy.

Exhausted after "tummy time"

Of course the big news in the Hoffman household was the Steelers Superbowl victory. Eleanora cheered for the black and gold at her very first Campbell party. The food was glorious and the company fabulous as always.


Elaine said...

I can't even stand it!!! The pic of her in her little skirt is too much! How adorable can one grandaughter be? Eleanora raises the bar : ) I'm glad her first Super Bowl party was so much fun and had such a great outcome. Great bloggin--how DO you find the time?!? LOL Love, Mom

Mark and Jenn said...

Sooo sweet! I love her!

Natalie said...

Thank you for the update!!! You girls look beautiful!

Laurie Mook said...

I can't stand it either! How adorable!!I can't wait to see her again.Honestly...I can't wait!!Eleanora...save up lots of hugs and kisses for your GREAT Aunt Laurie... I'm doing the same.