Saturday, October 25, 2008

Head Over Heels

The past week and a half has been the most amazing, wonderful and exhausting of my life. I've spent my days in a protective bubble of baby love, supported by amazing help from my husband, parents and sister. I'm not sure I'm ready to rejoin the outside world just yet, because I've so loved this time in the cozy cocoon of home.

Eleanora is completely amazing. She's alert and sweet, with an intoxicating smell and is just oh-so-snuggly. She's a champion eater - already back at her birth weight only 5 days after her birth. She has more than compensated for her difficult delivery by being such an easy and wonderful baby. Every time I look at her face, I'm amazed that she is actually ours and that we get to keep her.

Right now she is snuggled up to her Dad for a mid-morning nap. Ben is a natural, already an expert diaper-changer, soother and general sweet-talker. Eleanora loves the sound of his voice and always responds to it. Seeing them together makes me so happy it's overwhelming. I've never loved Ben more.
I am so blessed and so in love.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kara and Ben,

I have checked everyday for more pictures! I am so glad you posted some. Eleanora is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! I love the picture of her stretching. She is just precious. I just wish I could get my hands on her and hold her!

So glad to hear that all is well. Keep the pictures coming! Love, Kami (and crew)

Natalie said...

more pics please!! I think I've stared at these ones about a thousand times by now and I love them all...I'm Eleanora-obsessed!