Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

I had a lot of fun pulling together some of my favorite pictures that best represent all that is wonderful and amazing about my Dad…his love of adventure, food, fitness, dancing, laughing and all things outdoors. I’m so blessed to have such an openly affectionate, loving, sweet, exciting and hilarious health-nut of a Dad.

He is always up for an adventure, whether is flying with me to Norway to visit Natalie, hiking in the mountains of Arizona, going for a “wild ride” (4-wheelers and grocery carts are equally exciting under his control!) or just going for a walk in the woods behind the house. His love of nature is unfailing…he is just as excited to see a squirrel as a turkey, deer or bear! He is my hero, saving me from scary dogs, rescuing me when I have a flat tire, talking Ben and I through how to unplug the garbage disposal after clogging it with a pound of potato skins and fixing any and every problem I throw his way. He has modeled a commitment to his faith without judgment of others. Most importantly, he loves his family unconditionally and unabashedly.

I couldn’t ask for a more wise, loving, and incredible Dad who I just love to be around. Happy Birthday Dad!

My favorite Dad-o pictures


Natalie said...

I couldn't have said it better! We have the most wonderful Dad imaginable. Happy Birthday Dad, I love you so much!!!

Elaine said...

Kara dear, Your Dad deserves all the glory--he is a dream come true for all of us! I love his kind face :)