Monday, December 10, 2007

The Never Ending Semester

This fall semester has felt never-ending for both Ben and I. The first year of the PhD program is notoriously difficult and overwhelming. With the end in sight (his last two finals are on Tuesday) we celebrated by using a study break to attend a late-night screening of the 1984 classic film The Never Ending Story. The film was playing as a part of the "Cult Classic" series at an independent art house cinema in Tucson, The Loft. Our friends Katie and John joined us and we had lots of fun singing the theme song full-out (ok, maybe John and Ben were singing on the inside). Seriously, who didn't grow up wanting a luck dragon/flying dog of their very own?

The rest of the weekend involved impromptu margartitas with Erin and John (thanks for calling guys!), a book club meeting for Kara, and lots of studying for Ben. Thank goodness this never-ending semester is almost over!


Erin said...

We got a shoutie! Yay!

Natalie said...

I'm having flashbacks of sitting in the Willets basement in those big brown stuffed chairs watching the movie of our childhood...what a fun time you must have had reliving it!!