Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas...

Two weeks ago in an obscenely early holiday display, we set up and decorated our first-ever Tucson Christmas Tree. We were "real tree purists" in Pittsburgh but decided it wasn't worth the ridiculously short life-span (not to mention messy clean up) in dry Arizona. Not willing to let another treeless year go by, we decided to bite the bullet and go with the fake tree. We had lots of fun decorating and even Charlie helped!


Natalie said...

Your tree is beautiful! Glad I got to see it in person :-)

Mom Hoffman said...

The tree looks real. How is Charlie with it? Teddy the cat took to laying in ours last year. The branches always looked a little lopsided! Yours looks great! The whole photo gallery is beautiful, especially the Tucson sunset! I'm so glad that we got to see for ourselves last May. Looking forward to seeing you when you come home for Christmas.
Mom Hoffman